Stephen will be exhibiting at Art Expo in New York in April 2017!

Large Original by Stephen Hackley

Here is Stephen creating this amazing original for a Commercial Client.  It will be on 3 separate canvases.  He is working on this large Butterfly that has an underlay of crushed marble.

Abstract Artwork by Stephen Hackley

This would be amazing in a residential or commercial setting!

Fabulous Abstract Equine Original by Stephen Hackley

What a fabulous original.  These horses in motion with a crushed marble underlay with copperleaf gilding!

Fabulous Roses with Gilding!

These beautiful Originals by Stephen Hackley!

Incredible Large Floral by fine artist Stephen Hackley!

This is just gorgeous.  It will fit nicely in a very large space!

Incredible Original by Stephen Hackley

This is just magnificent.  Crushed marble, gilded with silver.

Here is an incredible triptych by fine artist Stephen Hackley.

Here is a triptych of horses all done in crushed marble.  The artist makes his own paint which would account for the incredible colors on this piece.  

Colors of a Rose by Stephen Hackley

This is just incredible.  All this amazing color.  It is all done with a palette  knife.  Just beautiful.

Large Artwork for Commercial Interiors by Stephen Hackley

This is just breathtaking.  It is called Praise and is in a print.  The artist hand stretched each canvas separately by hand.  He does more large florals by commission.

Large Artwork for a Large Space.

Here is Stephen Hackley creating this very large original oil on canvas.  It would be fabulous for a Large Commercial Space or a Large Custom Home!

This is simply a beautiful original for your Commercial or Residential Design Projects.

Here is an amazing original by Stephen Hackley.  This rose has an underlay of crushed marble.  The background is all gilded with copper leaf.  The colors are amazing.  He makes his own paints.  


It would do well in  a luxury setting.  Luxury Hotel, Resort, Villa, Custom Home, Estate, Mansion.  This piece would do well in a doctor's office, dental office, bank, reception area, salon, spa, the possibilities are endless.

Contemporary Artwork for Commercial and Residential Interiors

Fabulous large original oil on canvas.  The background is all gilded with copper leaf.  Mr. Hackley makes his own paints!  He uses the same technique the old masters used in the 1500s.  

This would be wonderful for a Commercial Client.  It would also be fabulous for a Residential Client.  Perhaps you own an estate, mansion, luxury home, vacation home, multiple homes.  This piece would be exquisite on a very large wall!

Copper Piece by Stephen Hackley

This is so amazing! It is actually a painting on a sheet of copper!  

Huge Selection of Originals and Prints

The possibilities are endless with the art of fine artist Stephen Hackley.  So many colors to choose from.  Some of his works are so huge!  He also does commissioned pieces.

Colors of a Rose

Here is an incredible original by fine artist Stephen Hackley.  This would be great for a custom home or commercial use.  It is bursting with fabulous pastels!.  it was made with a palette knife so it has incredible texture.

Design Idea by Stephen Hackley

This is just incredible!  This gigantic original would be fabulous in a Commercial Setting!

Commercial Interiors/Residential Interiors-Stephen Hackley

Check these out! These pieces can be used outdoors and indoors.  Searching for some amazing florals for that garden or entertainment area?  These unique pieces are available in huge array of choices. Just imagine that special place where you have guests over on the weekends and holidays.  They can ooh and aah over the amazing artwork in your fabulous entertainment area.

Image having artwork at your resort or hotel for your guests to enjoy outdoors!  Oh what a statement that would make.  They would be telling family and friends that your property is a must!

Fabulous Interior Design Ideas by fine artist Stephen Hackley/Commercial/Residential

What an incredible collection of fine art.  We find florals and abstracts and many others. Mr. Hackley offers his work in both original and print.  These pieces could be used equally in Large Custom Homes, Estates or for Commercial Settings.